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Coconut Water for Weight Loss Coconut Water for Weight Loss

Coconuts are found mostly in the tropical regions and they are used for various industrial and cosmetic purposes. According to a recent study, many people are using coconut water for weight loss.

Water pressure regulator Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulator is designed to check the pressure of water from getting too high and to also check the consistent flow from toilets, taps, and shower heads.

Drinking Water While Exercising Drinking Water While Exercising

The human body is made to move and water is the fuel. Physical fitness is the key to healthy life. However, while exercising regularly one […]

Drinking Water For Skin Care

Have you ever wondered what your skin is trying to convey to you? Our skin is often a reflection for what is going deep inside […]

Water Conservation

Water is one of the most precious resources made available by the nature. Life originates through water. Water Conservation means utilizing the given amount of […]

International Legislations to Prevent and Control Water Pollution

According to statistics, the world population is increasing at a rate of 1.2% in 2009. The scarce resources, that are needed to support our survival, […]

Chlorination of Water

Fresh water does not necessarily mean it is safe. On the contrary, regardless of whether it has minerals or other things, a filter should be […]

Methods of Water Harvesting :How to Recover Rainwater?

The principle of recollecting rainwater: It is an old technology with about 4000 years of history that is now regaining its popularity due to the […]

Water Festivals – Burma

In Many Southeast Asian Countries, the Water Festival is The New Year’s celebration. For example, countries like Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Yunnan, Laos, and China welcome […]