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Aquatic-Therapy-Features-and-Benefits Aquatic Therapy: Features and Benefits

Aquatic exercises have been called everything from water aerobics to aquatic therapy and aerobic water exercises. But it is more than just spending some time in a hot sauna or kicking up and down in the swimming pool.

Aqua Fitness Aqua Fitness

Most people are turning to aqua fitness for getting into shape nowadays. As there is a domination by the fitness craze, it is one of the most useful and reliable form of exercise.

Water For Anxiety

In order to cope up in the battle of life, we often experience ourselves sitting on the anxious seat. Anxiety thus means feeling uneasy and […]

Water Retention and Birth Control Pills

One of the common methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy is using birth control pills. These pills contain a small dose of progestin and estrogen (female […]

The Healing Powers of Water

Water is one of the most unexplainable substances in existence. Water has been in existence even before the formation of the world. This makes water […]

Water Health Facts

Our body weight is composed of majorly water. The liquid content of human body fluctuates from one individual to the other. Throughout ones life, the […]

Lose Water Weight over Night!

Seventy percent of our body is composed of water, that means around ¾ of our body weight is of course coming from water. Sometimes our […]

Water Art!

We all know that water is an essential element for the survival of species on this planet! Lives on earth would be extinct if there […]

Water for Weight Loss

Many people are struggling to find ways to accelerate weight loss. Some of us even give up in the middle of the process after trying […]

Water Aerobic Equipment

Water aerobics has become a new form of exercise which has gained popularity among many people. They are feasible, easy and can be practiced at […]