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Dehydration and Headache

There is a strong link between dehydration and headache . This condition is characterized by the loss of electrolytes and water from the body. The […]

About Chronic Dehydration

Tiredness, low energy or fatigue are generally the first signs and symptoms of chronic dehydration . This is because water is the essential component of […]

Swim Ear – Treatment and Prevention of Swim Ear

The main aim of swim ear’s treatment is to stop the ear infection. Also, the objective of the treatment is to allow the ear canal […]

Swim Ear – Causes and Symptoms of Swim Ear

Swim ear is also known as swimmer’s ear, which is an infection of the outer ear canal. This ear canal begins from your eardrum to […]

Swim Ear – An Overview

Swim ear or swimmer’s ear is also known as otitis externa, which is a painful condition of the outer or visible portion of the ear […]

Ciguatera Poisoning – Diagnosis and Treatment

One of the most common disease in the world caused by marine toxin is Ciguatera poisoning , which occurs due consumption of reef fish contaminated […]

Ciguatera Poisoning – Signs and Symptoms

Ciguatera poisoning is a form of seafood poisioning which is primarily caused by eating contaminated fish, especially specific tropical reef fish. These contaminated fish contain […]

Ciguatera Poisioning – An Overview

Ciguatera poisoning is a food borne disease which is primarily caused by consuming specific reef fishes. These fishes are contaminated with marine toxins that are […]

Norovirus Infection – Treatment and Prevention

These are a group of viruses which cause gastroenteritis in human beings. This is also known as a waterborne infection. Gastroenteritis is basically an inflammation […]

Norovirus Infection – Symptoms of Norovirus Infection

The infection caused by norovirus leads to gastroenteritis which is also known as upset stomach. The norovirus are also called “Norwalk-like viruses” or “small round […]