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Hard Water Soap

The most common household material found in every home is a soap. It is believed that soap with a very good lather is better than […]

Drink Water to Lose Weight

Water plays a major role in the smooth functioning of all the organs of the human body. According to a study, about 60 to 70% […]

Tap Water Facts

Water is the most essential requirement for any kind of living being on this planet. People can live without food for at least a few […]

Bottled Water Facts

Many people suffer from several diseases due to contaminated water. It is very important to drink water which is clean and free from pathogens. Bottled […]

40 Ways to Save Water – Do Your Bit!

Irrespective of where you stay – a brand-new home or an older home, you can still do your bit to save water. Here are some […]

Dehydration Symptoms in Adults

The dehydration symptoms in adults generally begin with extreme thirst. This finally progresses to alarming consequences as the quench the thirst become direr. The initial […]

Alkaline Water Dangers – Know the Threat

Much controversy has been created about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. The normal drinking water has a natural pH of around 7. Some health […]

Ionized Water Scam – Is it Real?

Do you think that “ionized water” scam is for real? Wondering how this scam works? Nowadays, these bottled drinking water scams are increasing at an […]

Alkaline Water Machine – An Overview

Most of you must be aware of the basic fact that the human body is approximately made up of 70% water. There is no doubt […]

Kangen Water Scam – Is it a Myth?

One of the products which many water wellness industry promote in the large segment of common people is the concept of “ionized water” . One […]