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Honey with Water: The Combination for Good Health

Nature’s sweetest gift to mankind is “honey” and the most precious present is “water”. This magical combination of sweet honey with warm water has miraculous […]

Water Steam Versus Sauna

In the hot and steamy debate of water steam versus sauna , it is very important to first understand the difference between both the hot […]

Manikaran Hot Water Spring

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. Destination: Manikaran Country: India State: Himachal Pradesh District: Kullu Manikaran, is […]

Treating the Sore Throat with Salty Warm Water

Swallowing is the most basic activity of any living being. Research says that we swallow  after every 15 to 20 seconds. Hence, when we have […]

Green Hot Water Heaters

People are opting for various home appliances which help in reducing the consumption of energy. Hot water heaters are one of the common home appliances […]

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Water heaters are just appliances which help in heating water and supplying hot water constantly. Energy efficient water heaters help in reducing the usage of […]

Hot Water Heater Problems

The function of a water heater is to heat and store water in it. A tank of water can be heated with the help of […]

What are the Benefits of Hot Lemon Water?

Several fitness conscious people as well as health practitioners believe that drinking hot lemon water can actually promote a healthy and strong body from both […]

Hot Water With Lemon – Benefits You Can Gain

Many health and fitness buffs believe that drinking hot water with lemon benefits you in losing the unwanted pounds, if you follow the habit every […]

Solar Hot Water Prices

Solar water heater prices vary according to the designs and features. The prices also vary the type of solar hot water system and manufacturers. For […]