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Coconut Water for Weight Loss Coconut Water for Weight Loss

Coconuts are found mostly in the tropical regions and they are used for various industrial and cosmetic purposes. According to a recent study, many people are using coconut water for weight loss.

water-yoga Water Yoga – Movements to rejuvenate

Yoga is an ancient Indian science promoting energy and relaxation for human body whereas water helps to keep the body cool and refreshing. Together, yoga […]

Honey with Water: The Combination for Good Health

Nature’s sweetest gift to mankind is “honey” and the most precious present is “water”. This magical combination of sweet honey with warm water has miraculous […]

Treating the Sore Throat with Salty Warm Water

Swallowing is the most basic activity of any living being. Research says that we swallow  after every 15 to 20 seconds. Hence, when we have […]

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics – Splash with a zing. Water Aerobics : It is an exercise, performed by movement of body in a rhythmic manner in shallow […]

Drinking Hard Water!

What is hard water? It is the regular water that contains high mineral level compared to soft water? For example, it has elevated concentrations of […]

How Much Water Should Children Drink Every Day?

We all know the importance of water for our survival but why is it particularly important for our children? Because, every one calories out of […]

Do We Have to Drink Two Litres of Water Everyday?

There has been this myth among us that a human adult should drink eight glasses of water everyday. Science however has no evidences to support […]

Water to Cure

Did you know that seventy percent of our planet’s surface is filled with water of which 98% is not drinkable salty water? Only 2% of […]

Water as Medicine

Do you know that water could be used as medicine to cure many of the diseases that we face in this 21st century? In Japan, […]