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Osteosarcoma and Water Fluoridation

Osteosarcoma is a very rare type of bone cancer. Nearly 400 children and teenagers are diagnosed with osteosarcoma each year in the U.S., from which […]

Fluoride Poisoning Symptoms

Fluoride salts in soluble form are toxic in high concentration levels. Any contact with the eye or skin can be dangerous. Most of the cases […]

Fluoride Causes Cancer ?

Water contains some levels of fluoride. Water fluoridation is a process of adding a measured amount of fluoride in the drinking water supplies so that […]

Water Fluoridation – Goal and Implementation

A controlled and effective step to minimize tooth decay is implemented by adding a measured amount of fluoride in the drinking water supplies. Fluoridated water […]

Fluoridation in Drinking Water

Adding fluoride in drinking water is a controlled step to minimize tooth decay. This water contains fluoride at a specific level which is effective in […]

Fluoride and Bottled Water: The Fact Sheet

Bottled water industry supplements both non-fluoridated and fluoridated brands of bottled water to the consumer to choose from. The consumers choose a brand of bottled […]

Fluoride Removal from Drinking water

There is a public outcry against fluoridation of drinking water . Most people feel that fluoridation is an unsafe measure for drinking water that causes […]

Fluoride Drinking Water Standard

The presence of fluoride in the drinking water is very necessary as helps in preventing the tooth decay. It has been seen that fluoridated water […]

Water Fluoridation

Since water is the most important elements on earth we need to be aware of the effects on human health. Water fluoridation means to minimise […]