Sources of water

There are various sources of water through whic paper writing service h we save and conserve our water. The following are few sources of water:

Surface water

This water comes in form of rain or hail and essay on slavery during the civil war falls to the ground. This water is collected from a special area which is called a catchment. The accumulated water is stored in a natural or an artificial barrier called a reservoir.


Springs mostly occur towards the bottom of a hill or on sloping ground. These are found where underground water flows out of the ground naturally without the use of bores, wells or pumps.

Rainwater tanks

When the rainwater falls on the roofs of the houses it is often collected through means of roof guttering which leads through a pipe ending up storing in a storage tank.

Bores and wells

Bores and wells are the holes which are usually drilled deep into the ground in order to store the water permanently. A pipe runs down the hole into the water and using pump water is taken from the ground level. Later the water is supplied to the society.

Artesian bores

Some bores are built in low lying areas so it has lot of pressure underneath. Due to this pressure which is a part of an underground body of water, it is much higher than the bore opening water. So this kind of bore is called as artesian bore.