How to write an outline for an essay

How to write an outline for an essay

The essay at hand revolves around how to write an outline for an essay or a topic. The outline is a form of a map that highlights the ideas that will be included in the essay and shows the linear way in which information are going to be stated as well as the connection of ideas to each other. The outline is a form of structural diagram that presents a logical organization and coherence to the writing process. According to writemyessay, before writing the outline, it is important to do preliminary research, determine the thesis statement, and identify different supporting points that can illustrate the thesis.

In the process of outline creation, the writer is expected to use different writing strategies such as cause- and- effect, comparison-contrast, chronological order and to make transition from the specific to the general. As an example of a thesis statement, one could think about the following:

Thesis: commitment is the essence of an everlasting relationship.

This thesis statement states the general idea that should be supported with details and ideas. As supporting ideas to this thesis, one may state:

Commitment can blur all differences between people.

Social positions become secondary in any authentic relation.

Spiritual devotion to a partner lasts more than material-based relationship.

These supporting ideas are a form of subtopics that should add significant value to the main thesis statement stated in the beginning of each body paragraph. Also, the supporting ideas, which are the main topics of the written paper, can be illustrated with details with safeguarding logical order and thematic coherence. Such details bestow the outline with more explanatory examples and illustrations.

An essay outline is a valuable strategy, or a map, that guides the writer throughout the writing process. If the outline is well-constructed and organized, the rest of the process will be easy and enjoyable.

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