Aquatic Therapy: Features and Benefits

Aquatic exercisesA�have been called everything from water aerobics to aquatic therapy and aerobic water exercises. But it is more than just spending some time in a hot sauna or kicking up and down in the swimming pool. If you do aquatic therapy properly, it is completely a marvelous tool which complements your regular training. It also assists you to recover from a serious injury or hard training. Read on to know more about features and benefits of aquatic therapy.

Features of Aquatic Therapy:

Aquatic therapy, in the broadest sense, is any activity performed in water. One of the most important feature of this exercise is that it allows you to workout in the absence of jolting and jarring experienced when exercising on land. The water’s buoyant property helps in providing a low-impact workout environment.

The low-impact feature of water makes this activity to stand out from other rehabilitation and recovery exercises. Also, the deep water exercise creates a zero gravity environment. This means that the body’s bones, tendons, ligament, muscles, and joints do not experience any jarring or hard impact while exercising.

Another main feature of this therapy is that the water increases the resistance while exercising. This resistance is variable. This means that the harder and faster you work against the water, you tend to encounter a greater resistance. This results in a rigorous workout.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

Aquatic therapy is a beneficial and very safe form of workout. You can establish this fact from the two above mentioned features. Apart from a number of respiratory and cardiovascular benefits, this therapy also helps to:

  • improve postural alignment
  • increase muscular strength
  • improve range of motion and mobility
  • increase and maintain muscular flexibility

Other benefits of aquatic therapy:

  • very relaxing and pleasurable
  • great alternative or supplement to regular exercising
  • massaging effect on your muscles
  • high calorie consumption

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