Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure regulatorWater pressure regulator is designed mainly A�to check the pressure of water from getting too high and to also check the consistent flow from toilets, taps, and shower heads. The water regulator is placed outside the house and can also be adjusted.

How does the water pressure regulator work ?

When the water pressure is high it gushes out through the tap even if the outlet is above the ground level. If the water pressure is too high it A�may result in damaging taps, leaking, cording of pipes and explosions. The main pipe has a valve that is used to control the pressure of water and checks on the safety. In big buildings every floor has a water regulator because a high level of pressure which is needed for houses that are above. The water pressure is between 40 to 60 pounds per square. Many water pressure regulators have adjustable dials to increase the pressure of water when the water level is very low and to increase the pressure if it is too strong.

Water heaters have a different water pressure regulator which is known as temperature pressure regulator valve. This valve is basically used to adjust if the pressure or the temperature increases to a dangerous level which allows the pressure to leave without creating any trouble. One has to keep a check on the valve because if the pressure increases in the water heater there might be a chance of getting exploded.

In order to avoid such incidents one should be familiar with water pressure regulators usage. Water pressure regulators come with safety features like water cutoffs, breaker boxes incase of emergency and it is advisable to frequently check the safety features. The valve should also be easy to rotate because due to high pressure the pipes may leak or get corroded.

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