Manikaran Hot Water Spring

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Himachal Pradesh



Manikaran, is a small town situated in the Parvati valley between the two rivers Beas and Parvati. The word Manikaran means jewel of the ear. This holy place is blessed with many natural hot water springs. These hot water springs emerge out from the eartha��s surface with great pressure and contain no amount of sulfur or iron but is said to be radio active.

Basically, there are tree types of hot water springs found in Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Simple Springs

    : These are ordinary springs that originate from underground.

  2. Mineral Springs:

    These springs contain minerals.

  3. Thermal Springs:

    These are extremely hot springs.

This place is considered as sacred by many Hindus and Sikhs and many devotees from different corners of the country come to offer their prayers. The hot water spring is well known for its healing properties. This hot water is considered to be highly beneficial for skin related diseases. Many believe that by taking bath in this water, one can cure rheumatism and other muscular pains.

Though this religious place is at an altitude of 1760m, the water spring temperature is 97 degree celsius. The water of these springs is so hot that, one can easily cook rice and pulses by simply placing the bowl in the hot water.

Traditional story behind its evolution

Stories say that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were so allured by the beauty of the mountains and forest of Manikaran that they decided to spend some time there. They spent eleven hundred years there. During their stay, Goddess Parvati lost her earring in the water stream.

Disturbed over the loss, she requested Lord Shiva to find the jewel. However, when their aide failed to find the ornament, Lord Shiva became very angry and opened his third eye. As a result there was tremendous clamor in the entire universe.

Frightened by the commotion, request was made to Sheshnag, the serpent god, to calm Lord Shiva. The serpent god, hissed and arose a flow of boiling water. Thousand of precious gems flowed out from the hot water and since then the spring water is boiling.

Manikaran has derived its name from this legend. The spring water is still boiling and is considered to be extremely pious by all the devotees.

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