Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics a�� Splash with a zing.

Water Aerobics

: It is an exercise, performed by movement of body in a rhythmic manner in shallow water. It is one of the most refreshing forms of aerobic exercise. It also helps to keep the body cool and energized for a long time.

In some areas, this form of workout is popularly known as a�?Aqua Aerobicsa�? or a�?Aqua Fita�?.

Water aerobics is mostly worked out in swimming pools and the water is up to chest level. Hence, this form of exercise appeals non-swimmers too.

Benefits of Water Aerobics:

  • Since water supports 80% of body weight, less strain is caused on the joints, as a result it reduces the risk of the muscle or joint injury.
  • It helps in strengthening and toning of muscle.
  • This form of exercise enhances the cardiovascular health.
  • It helps in improving the muscular resistance.
  • For overweight people, this form of workout is beneficial in burning the fats.
  • It is extremely helpful in reducing the stress level.
  • Water exercise also helps to lower the blood pressure and blood sugar level.
  • Research shows that a person exercises more in water than on land without getting tired.

Water Aerobic is ideal for:

The amazing thing about water aerobics is that every one can enjoy it. People of all age groups and fitness level can participate in this work out. Water aerobics is mostly encouraged for senior citizens, expecting mothers, people suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. A typical water aerobics workout helps to reduce 200 to 300 calories per session.

Learning Water Aerobics:

Many recreational clubs conduct classes for water aerobics. All these classes are conducted by qualified instructors, who show you the way to remain active and in shape. These classes conduct games that are designed to help the participants to stretch, walk, jog and run along with natural resistance of water. This helps to increase their flexibility and gain more balance.

However, if one has his own private pool and wishes to do it on own, there are number of instructional CDs and DVDs available in the market. They are designed in such a manner that the music motivates you to keep going through out the work out.

Requirement For Water Aerobics:

For water aerobics you do not require any fancy equipment or shoes

You just need:

  • Towel
  • Swim suit

Water aerobics give complete physical workout required to remain fit. Check with your Doctors and get into the water and splash it with a zing.

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