The Heat Pump to Heat Swimming Pool: A Good Plan?

The heat pump is a device that is currently experiencing a high success rate among many pool owners. The heating equipment has both economical and environmental advantages. Price is an important determining factor when it comes to purchasing heat pumps. A good heat pump would cost around 2000 Euros.

The pool heat pump recovers heat from the air to heat water. Finally, the operating cost is about 4 times lower than the cost of a conventional heating device such as electric heater.

Benefits of heat pump:

  • It is easy to install (installation using a bypass + connection via an RCD)
  • It is a heating device that is completely autonomous
  • It can heat a pool without breaking the bank
  • The heater is generally reliable and resistant to bad weather

Disadvantages of the heat pump:

  • The efficiency of heating depends on the temperature outside
  • The heat pump is not suitable to be used in low temperatures
  • It does not rapidly drive up the temperature of the water in the pool
  • Some models of heat pumps can be noisy and disturb the environment

The operation of a heat pump

To operate the heat pump, pool water / air needs to extract heat from the ambient air to heat the water from the filtration system of the pool. The operating principle of a heat pump is comparable to the refrigerator.

A heat pump consists of: an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and a pressure regulator. All are connected by closed and sealed.

Operating Cycle

  • Heat transfer from the ambient air to the refrigerant which vaporizes.
  • Displacement of the fluid sprayed through the electric compressor.
  • Raising the temperature of the refrigerant (due to compression).
  • Water heating from the heat of the refrigerant.
  • Decrease in fluid pressure with the regulator, back to the vapor state.

The compressor of a heat pump is electrically powered. Electricity consumption is very small for the amount of energy produced. Indeed, this heating system is able to return 3 to 4 times more energy than it consumes. 1kW to be absorbed, the heat pump returns 3-4 kW. The performance of this heater will be determined from the COP (Coefficient of performance) depending on outside temperature.

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