Water in Religions

Water has many symbolic meanings in almost all the major religions of todaya��s world. It represents purification, and source of life,


In Buddhism, water symbolizes different things, such as purity, calmness and cleanliness. Buddhists place an overflowing bowl of water in front of monks and dead bodies. According to the UNESCO Water Portal Weekly Update No.122, that was published in December 2005, Monks recite the following chant as the water over flows the bowl a�?a�?As the rains fill the rivers and overflow into the ocean, so likewise may what is given here reach the departed.a��


In Christianity, water is closely linked with baptism, which is a sign of admission and announcement of faith into the Christian church. When giving baptism, ones head is partially or fully immersed into the water. Some times water could also be just sprinkled on ones head with just a few drops. It symbolizes purification and also the rejection of ones original sin.


In Hinduism, water is linked with purification. For Hindus, morning cleansing of their body with water is an obligation. Almost all the Hindu temples are built close to a water source, and worshipers are expected to clean themselves before entering into the temple. Many pilgrimages are also found beside some popular river banks.


Water symbolizes purification. It is obligatory for them to purify their body with water before every Friday prayers and, also before touching their holy book Koran. Before every five prayers of a day, it is necessary for them to wash their hands, head, forearms and feet.


In Judaism, water again symbolizes purification that maintains purity. It is obligatory for them to wash their hands before and after having their meals. Mikveh, a traditional bath, is also an important ritual bath in Jewish communities.

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