The Purity of Water

Water which is not combined with any other substance is considered to be pure. The purity of water is very essential to the existence of nature. It is necessary to mention that most bacteria inhabit in water making it unsafe for the use of mankind.A� The purification of water has taken so many eras to get to the mechanism we use today to purify our water.

The composition of water

Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Two molecules of oxygen combine with one molecule of hydrogen to give a compound we refer to as water. Even scientists have said that it is really difficult to get water at its pure state. This means that water is always combined with one substance or the other that makes it impure.

In the laboratory, water passes through different stages of purification before use. These stages are meant to ensure that the purity of water used in the laboratory is close to its original state. At home, different techniques are used to make drinking water safe for human consumption.A� Drinking water which contains impurities can cause harm to the health of an individual. Water related diseases are mostly caused by micro organisms which are contained in impure water.

Few water related diseases

  • Cholera
  • Anemia
  • Diarrhea
  • Scabies
  • Typhoid

Listed above are just few common diseases that can be caused by the consumption of impure water. This is the reason why every person should consider the best mechanism of water purification to make water safe for his or her health.

Best ways of water purification include:


Most micro organisms that are present in water cannot survive boiling temperature. This is why people are advised to boil water before drinking.

Proper filtration:

This is essential in removing particles that may be contained in water.

Addition of chemicals:

Some chemicals like alum are known as a water purifier. Most people add chemicals to very dirty water for better purification.

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