Water on Mars?

Water on Mars, it is a truth or myth? In the past, scientists have speculated the presence of water in Mars, but there was no solid evidence for flowing water.

In the past:

In the past, scientists have announced that the water abundance on Mars is very less compared to what we have here on earth. They also claimed that most of the water is locked in polar caps and permafrost. There was no evidence of liquid water found that can create a hydrosphere. There findings also showed a very small presence of water vapor in Marsa�� atmosphere.

They concluded that the conditions on Marsa�� surface are not sufficient to allow the existence of liquid water, because the average temperature and pressure are too low. This would either lead to immediate sublimation or freezing. Despite these factors, researches however suggested that there may be existence of liquid water on the surface flowing. Therefore, the question a�?what happened to that water?a�? remained unanswered all these days.


NASA scientists have now announced that they have obtained their first evidence to prove the existence of flowing water on Mars.

Signs of flowing water have been detected during the warmer months of Mars by NASAa��s (MRO) Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. NOW, this answers the question that was left unanswered in the above section. If there is water then naturally it increases the possible life existence on Mars. After these particular inventions,

NASA administrator Charles Bolden

stated that a�?NASA’s Mars Exploration Program keeps bringing us closer to determining whether the Red Planet could harbor life in some form, and it reaffirms Mars as an important future destination for human exploration.”

Life on Mars?

Additional images received from MRO also show the appearance and disappearance of these dark finger-like streaks. They begin to appear during late spring and continue to exist through out summer. Then they fade away in winter.

There are no best explanations available for this phenomenon yet! We will just have to wait for solid answers that would be based on more concreted evidences.

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