Water Retention and Birth Control Pills

One of the common methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy is using birth control pills. These pills contain a small dose of progestin and estrogen (female hormones). Some pills just contain only one type which is progestin.

How does it function?

The releasing of egg happens every menstrual cycle which is known as ovulation. When one uses birth control pills, this process is prevented. The pills also thin uterusa�� lining which makes it difficult for the fertilized egg to attach itself to the womb. The pregnancy occurs only when the fertilized egg implants itself.

How effective are these pills?

These pills are very effective given that you follow the given instructions along with the pill. 99% success rate in preventing pregnancy has been reported so far. It becomes very less effective if you do not follow the instructions.

How to use them?

Pills come in packs of either 21 or 28 tablets. Take them one every day for 21 days and then you could stop for seven days. You will be getting your monthly period during the week you stop using the pills.

Make sure to check the expiration date of each pack you are using.

When you buy a pack of 28 tablets, it contains 21 pills of hormones and the rest 7 do not contain any hormones.

You should take these pills every day at a particular time. For example, lets say you take the pill every day around 8 pm, then you might take the pill the next day at the same time or with one hour time difference.

You also have to keep in mind that these pills do not have any immediate effects. You would have to complete a full cycle, leta��s say one package, to actually experience the full effectiveness of them.

One of the main questions that is among those women who use birth control pills is

whether they gain weight due to water retention while they are using the pills?

Estrogen that is found in birth control pills are and known to be one of the causes of water retention and weight gain if taken in high doses. The more you take estrogen, the more weight you would gain. For example, if you take a 50 mcgm pill, then the resulting weight gain would be around more than that compared to a 35 mcgm pill.

This is a direct effect of simulation of kidney substances known as rennin- angiotensm. If there is water retention in your body, this then would cause salt (sodium) retention in your system. Some women gain few pounds during the first few months of the usage, then their weight settles at a particular amount. Some women on the other hand might experience weight loss. However, it is very less compared to those people who gain weight.

If you are a person who is working on losing weight and planning to go on birth control pills, you might want to wait until you see some results from your weight loss activities. If you can not wait, then you could try the birth control pills and see if you are actually gaining weight. If you are, then stop it and try other contraceptive methods such as using male or female condoms.

In some peoplea��s cases, it may be very difficult to control the amount of estrogen intake. In such cases, you could utilize some simple techniques to control the amount of fluid your body retains. You could check our articles on how to control water retention for some effective methods to help you.

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