The Healing Powers of Water

Water is one of the most unexplainable substances in existence. Water has been in existence even before the formation of the world. This makes water one of the most important substances that man can never do without. The healing power of water is very clear to understand, especially when one considers the role of water in the body of an individual. Let us consider the composition of water in the body of a normal human being:

Composition of water in the human body

  • The brain of a human being constitutes of about 75% of water
  • The muscles also, are composed of 75% of water
  • The bones contain 22% of water
  • The cells of the brain have more than 80% composition of water
  • The blood contains 92 percent of water

Looking at all the above listed compositions of water in different parts of the body, one will wonder what life will be without water. The healing power of water comes as a refreshing attribute to the human body. The significant presence of water in the human body makes it a very refreshing part of the body. This is because the more fresh and health water is in the body, the more health and strong a person becomes.

Some effects of lack of water in the body

The decrease in the water content in the human body is deadly and dangerous. Dehydration is caused by lack of water in the body, and the consequence of dehydration is considered below:

  • A little percentage of dehydration in the body can cause headache and body pains.
  • The metabolism of the body will slow down with a reduction in the percentage of water.
  • The flow of blood through the parts of the body will be reduced in a decrease in water content of the body.

From the above listed effects of water on the body, it is very easy to understand how strong the healing power of water can manifest in the life of an individual who has a healthy water drinking attitude. It is advised that an individual who desires to be strong and healed from different health problems take adequate water. This will surely improve his or her health status.

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