Basic Concept Behind the Holy Water

The holy water is commonly found among Christian organizations. Although the Methodists, Anglican, and some Pentecostal churches use the holy water, it is mostly used by the Catholics. The Catholics see holy water as a great symbol in their religious practice. The history of this practice dates as far back as Christianity itself. The composition of this water is common salt and ordinary water, but this water is consecrated and blessed by a priest to be made holy.

The first place where water was made holy was in the bible. This was in the Old Testament where Elisha asked the people of Jericho to put salt in to their water in order to heal their land that was cursed. About 400 years ago, most Christians started consecrating water and using it to for different religious purposes. Below are some of the uses of this sacred water among Christians.

Some uses of holy water among Christians

For the purpose of baptism:

Christians, especially the Catholics, use the holy water to baptize their members. This baptism is seen as purification and an initiation to the church. It is important for them to use purified water as a sign of the purity in the church.

For repelling evil spirits:

Long ago, it is known that sacred water was used to fight and repel vampires. This was a very significant use of water that is holy. In the recent generation, it is specifically used by most Christians to protect them selves against evil spirits. It is believedA�that evil flew at the sight of sacred water.

For guidance against unforeseen circumstance:

Most Christians use the holy water to pray for good fortune and also protection from accidents. This is a common belief seen and observed among the Catholics.

The Holy water is a religious symbol which has been working according to the belief of the congregation that uses it. The significance of this water among the Christians is powerful and has lived to the test till this day.

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