Storm Water Pollution Control: What Can We Do as Citizens?

After many major storms, one of the serious problems cities face is the water pollution from storm water runoff. In some cities, this untreated overflow from their drainage into fresh water systems such as rivers, lakes and creeks can cause serious health problems. For example, it might increase the level of E.coli bacteria in these water systems and make them unusable. Also, if there is a heavy rain fall then the water accumulation in sewer system could cause your basement to flood. In addition to citiesa�� effort to control the storm water pollution, you as a citizen could also help your water system to stay clean in various ways.

Here are some tips:

  • If you are a pet owner, try to then try to clean your animal waste every time you take your pet out for a walk.
  • Keeping your car off your road would also help. Instead, you could ride a bicycle. If the weather is too cold to ride a bike then use the amazing transit system that is at your disposal. If there is an inconvenience in using the public transit then car pooling is another best solution.
  • Do you love gardening? It indeed is an excellent past time activity. But try to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers. This way you would help to keep the water system safe during the storm and also you could stay healthy.
  • Sometimes it may seem easy to just dump our toxic substances into our sewer system, but try not to do it. If we do then we would be the ones paying the price when it overflows during a heavy rainy season.
  • If you have harmful products then in every city there is a place where you could dispose them or just drop them off for proper disposal. Find that place and make use of it.

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