Properties of Ionized Water: Claims and Truths

Ionized water, according to its producers, has many qualities that the regular water does not have. In this article, we would look into the properties of ionized water and discuss if there is any truth to all the glamorous claims.

Ionized water:

Ionization is a process that separates the alkaline content and the acid content found in water. A�This is achieved through electrolysis which uses the naturally occurring magnesium and calcium ions. With this being said, you could automatically understand that not all types of water could be ionized. For example distilled water, and also the water that has gone through reverse osmosis can not be ionized; even if one tries to put them through ionization the response might be very negligible.


This is a special device that is attached to the regular water tap. It redirects the tap water into the ionizing unit using a plastic hose. Once the water enters the unit, it is filtered using activated charcoal. It is then sent into a chamber where electrolysis takes place. This chamber is equipped with electrode that is made from titanium, coated with platinum. Cathodic water is produced when the anions (ions with negative charges) group at the electrode that is positively charged.

This process adds extra number of electrons in regular water. In addition to that, it also reduces the size of water. In regular water a cluster of water contains around 10 to 13 molecules. In ionized water, it gets reduced to 5 to 6. This reduced water could be used for either drinking or cooking. Also, the oxidation potential of water increases after this process which makes it ideal for cleaning purposes, such as cleaning hands, kitchen utensils and even treating small wounds.

Claimed advantages and the actual truth:

There is some truth to some of the claims from those companies that are producing ionized water or the ionizer that ionizes your regular tap water. However, most of their other claims are highly exaggerated and directed at fooling non scientific peasants into buying their products. Let us have a look at those claims one by one.

  1. Hydration:

    One of the most spoken advantages of drinking ionized water is that it hydrates human body more efficiently than other types of water such as neutral or regular water.

  2. Truth:

    Those people who claim that ionized water helps for increased hydration always failed to explain scientifically how it is happening. One of the claim that they make is due to ionization the water molecules arrange themselves into multiple hexagonal rings, thereby allowing the body to better absorb water. Water molecules move freely in our body. It is impossible to make them form a hexagonal arrangement. Even if they form it, there is no way it could be kept stable. Stephen Lower, one of the famous chemists discredited this chemically implausible claim. For more detailed information on his work, you could always refer through his article named a�?Water Cluster Quackerya�?.

    In addition to that, human body never experienced any issues related to hydration; therefore these companies claim to solve a problem that never existed.

  3. Anti-Oxidant:

    Another popular claim is that it acts as a great anti-oxidant, and slows down the aging, because of the added electrons.

  4. Truth:

    Consuming antioxidants is never proved to have an affect on aging. Even if it does, you could never get them from ionized water, because alkalized water contains hypochlorites. Hypochlorites are known to be oxidization agents, opposite to what is being claimed by these companies.

  5. Miracles:

    Then there are other miraculous effects listed by various people, none of which has any scientific proof.

Additional Truths:

In addition to the above facts, here is some additional data from some scientific studies. Here is a list of some ions that are being added to tap water through electrolysis:

calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and sulphate



for example, even though it is a useful mineral it would produce a very strong taste of a rotten egg if added too much. This in turn requires ionizers to add additional filters.


is another type of mineral if taken in an excess amount could cause


Hyperkalemia occurs due to

high potassium level

in ones blood stream. It might cause some deadly affects in some people such as cardiac arrest and changes in nerve and muscle.

Scientists noticed a significant growth in newborn mice during a clinical study that was given alkaline water with pH 10. There is a considerable biological outcome on postnatal growth and the offspringa��s body weight. However, it was also noted that there was a significant side effect was also noticed. The heart muscle tissue of the mice that was given strong ionized water was confirmed to have necrosis (myocardial lesions) This is actually a side effect of Hyperkalemia which is caused by excess intake of potassium.



on the other hand, could cause


The above facts should be enough for you to conclude that a�?

Miraculous Effects of Ionized Water

a�? is nothing but a sales fiction that claims to solve imaginary problems. In some regions, pure water has very less dissolved ions. Therefore, it is almost impossible to go through any significant electrolysis. In those cases, having an ionizer is just waste of money. Now, as consumers we have to be careful in making choices, especially when it comes to new inventions that are marketed with huge hype saying that it is changing lives around the world. If someone is putting extra glamour to market something, then we should stop and think before rushing and wasting money on that product.

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