Distilled water vs. Bottled Water/Tap water

The purest form of water is the water vapor that comes from our planeta��s surface. When the water is evaporated, it leaves behind all the possible contaminants. Distillation is a similar process that converts ordinary tap water into pure vapor. Once it is condensed and filtered, it becomes one of the purest forms of water! Bacteria, herbicides and parasites could be effectively removed through this process. Industrial water pollutants could also be easily removed using this process.

A study from the International Bottled Water Association shows that in 2001 Americans consumed about 5 billion gallons of battled water. This water is equal to the amount that falls from the Niagara Falls in two hours. If you calculate the amount of money that the bottled water costs per ounce, you would see that it is more than the gasoline price today. Compared to tap water, it costs about 250 to 10,000 times more.

For example, we Americans spend over 8.3 billion dollars per year on purchasing bottled water. The bottled water consumed is less regulated than tap water. For example, around 60 to 70 percent of all the bottled water that is sold in US is exempted from any type of federal regulations. This is due to the fact that most of the bottled water companies pack and sell in the same state, and not crossing any borders.

Even though bottled water producers say that it is pure and safe, we still do not know what we get in our bottles or how well regulated they are. If on the other hand we use well regulated tap water to make a�?home madea�? distilled water then we could be sure of the water quality.

In addition to that, there are many things that could be in bottled water and public water systems which we can not just simply see and identify. Here is a simple list that lists out some of those things that may be in the bottled water and tap water:


These include all kinds of bacteria, viruses and any other micro organisms that could be fatal to human life. In year 2001 and 2002, over 1,000 people were affected seriously by these pathogens. Out of those thousand people who were affected, 7 people died. These 1,000 incidents were recorded in over 31 various outbreaks of diseases from drinking water.


Even though it is proven that public water system is safer than the bottled water there still may be chances that it may contain substances like a�?leda�? depending on how old your pipe systems is. For example, if your home was built before 1930, then it is very likely that your pipe system is made from led. Led is a poisonous metal, which is a cause for variety of serious diseases such as anemia, kidney problems, miscarriage, blood pressure, and low birth weight. It also diminishes brain growth among young children. Therefore, if you are living in an old apartment building then consider making your own

distilled water

, instead of risking your life over bottled water and tap water.


Nitrates are generally found in fertilizers and also in sewage. If ita��s taken then it might cause blue baby syndrome. Blue baby syndrome is utilized to describe those babies who are borne with cyanotic conditions. This is known to be caused by the contaminated ground water by nitrate. High nitrate contamination decreases hemoglobina��s oxygen carrying capacity that eventually leads to death.

Extensive use of bottled water also pollutes our environment when those empty plastic bottles are thrown out in the open area. Therefore, we question both our planeta��s and our health when we use bottled water. Now it is left to you to make your choice.

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