How to Clean Swimming Pool Water?

The one and only thing that is important when it comes to swimming pool is the clean fresh water. A nice clean swimming pool usually attracts more guests when you host a get-together or pool parties at home. It is absolutely necessary to clean your pool regularly. At least once a year you should clean the pool with no water in it. Because no matter how clean the water may look, there might still be deposits of dirt on the sides or the bottom of the pool.

Cleaning empty pool:

To clean an empty pool, you could use Decalcit Becken. This is a very effective viscous cleanser. This is especially designed to eliminate lime and any soil deposits. It also maintains a high material protection. You could apply this with brush and then rinse with water. Adisan could be used in place of Decalcit in case your pool is built from sensitive materials.

Cleaning tips for pools with water:

This should be done on a regular a basis, because of the air pollution and frequent use of pool. Adisan could be used for eliminating the residues that may result from constant use of your pool. This is specifically designed for any type of dirt, soot scum or fat at water level. When the water level is low you could use randfix. It could be used on any kind of surface such as tiles, polyester and foil. It is a viscous product, therefore it is also a best choice for any vertical surfaces. You should be careful when using the regular household products because they may contaminate your water by introducing foreign particles into it.

Automatic cleaning:

If you want to get the work done quickly, then you can use the automatic cleaning system. Blue diamond plus is one of the best system that does the work for you along with an Aqua Smart System. This is an automatic floor cleaner which removes any impurities from the pool water. It takes about three hours for it to clean the entire pool including the wall surfaces.

Slippery pools:

It is every pool ownera��s responsibility to make sure that his/her pool is not slippery. If it is, then it may result in some fatal accidents, especially if you have small children at home who use your pool.

Possible causes of slippery sides of swimming pool:

  • Algae growth, this could happen especially in a stormy weather.
  • Phosphate content in the water


  • First, measure the pH content of your water and if it is required then you should set it to 7.0-7.4, because this is the allowable pH content of any swimming pool water.
  • You could use some mechanical device to first brush the algae, and the vacuum it out.
  • You could also give it a chlorine shock. It could be around1 chlorineiklar/mA?.
  • Circulation pump also could be used to remove algae. Let it run for 24 hours and it should do the job for you.

How to prevent the formation of further algae: Add extra algaecide into your pool water. Also use Superflock flocculation cartridge as often as you could to remove any phosphate content from your water.
In addition to the above tips, it is also necessary to do backwashing at least once in a week. This would help to remove the dirt that is in the filter. Lime may get deposited in your sand filters if your water is hard. This might reduce filter efficiency, and the quality of your pool water.

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