Problems Related to Heavy Water

Recent studies shows that water that is rich in minerals, also known as hard water, is found in at least four households in U.S and Canada. Heavy water possesses no health hazards. However, it might cause various other problems when used.


If hard water is used to wash dishes you might get crockery on your dishes. Especially, the dissolved minerals in hard water could be released at a faster rate if it is exposed to heat. Therefore, this would increase the amount of spotting on plates. This however is not related to any health risk.

Water heaters and pipe work:

Mineral rich water, when heated forms calcium, and magnesium minerals deposit. This leads to inefficient operation or even failure at times of water heaters. Pipes on the other hand could get clogged depending on the amount of residue and slow the water flow. This ultimately could contribute to pipe replacement.

Solar heating systems and Limescale:

Often, our swimming pools are heated using solar heating systems. If your household pool is prone to any limescale buildup then it is very likely that it may reduce the electronic pumpa��s efficiency. The overall system that pumps water efficiency may be reduced by the above situation. This problem could be easily eliminated if you use a magnetic conditioner in front of the pump. This is one of the best ways thata��s available to reduce the limescale buildup. It is also known to eliminate any existing limescale.

The best way to deal with any of the above issues is to leave the calcium mineral in the water but use magnetic water conditioners to alter status so that it would not form any residues. This way you would not only save your electronic equipments but also save your precious time and money as well.

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