Watering Tips for Your Garden: Use them and Help Save Water

If you want to keep your garden alive and fresh then you must water it everyday. Sometimes people tend to under do or over do this task. This article however might help you not only to do this job well but also prevent you from wasting water.


  • Contrary to what most people think, it is best to water as infrequently as possible but do it regularly. For example, everyday at different times.A�Indeed, this allows the roots to become stronger and penetrate deep. Thus, the plant will be healthier.
  • To avoid the development of different diseases on the surface, you should avoid leaving water on the leaves. Instead, water directly on the surface of roots so that water seeps through them easily.
  • Regarding the amount of water used, this differs from plant to plant. Also, before sowing or planting, remember to put the plants with same water need in the same place.
  • To give you an idea, leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce or spinach need much water compared to root vegetables like carrots, radishes and turnips. Apart from this, water requirement also depends on soil type. For sandy soils, it must be done more frequently (every 2 days for example) while for the clay soils, watering once a week may be enough.
  • The ideal time to water your plant varies according to season.A� In summer, it is better to water at night because the water evaporates due to heat during the day, while in fall and spring it can be done early in the morning.

A little trick to avoid evaporation of water:

You can put some straw with a minimum thickness of 5 cm around the plant or use pine bark, mow waste, cardboard and newspapers for mulching.

Now leta��s see the different watering methods along with their advantages and disadvantages.


Since gardening is a manual work, in principle, watering should not be causing any problems too.
To do this, there are two ways that can be considered as classic watering methods which would not only save you some money but also would save a lot of water.

Using a hose:

If you use the hose, you not only save money but also save a lot of water. This method is ideal for a small garden. It also allows you to take care of each plant individually and avoid situations like watering the leaves.

But if you have a field large enough and you are one of those pragmatic people who love technology, then you can choose the automatic watering system.

The Automatic lawn sprinkler

Although this method is more expensive, this system is easier to use. You just have to install the hardware and program it according to the climate and the time then it would do the job for you.A� There however are two choices, watering by sprinkler system or watering with a hose with micro porous. The second system has the advantage just to moisten the soil instead of watering the whole plant including the leaves, but it is also more expensive than the first one.

Water is a scarce resource, it is true that our plants needs to be watered every often but it does not mean we should flood them with excess water. This would just waste not only water but also our money and time as well. Therefore, we should make wise decision when it comes to activities that involve using of water such as the one discussed above.

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