Drinking Hard Water!

What is hard water?

It is the regular water that contains high mineral level compared to soft water? For example, it has elevated concentrations of calcium two plus iron and magnesium two plus iron. Drinking hard water is not known to be harmful to ones health. However, it might cause serious issues in industry if used. If hard water is utilized in equipments such as boilers, and cooling towers then it might break them down.

One of the common questions that exist among us regarding hard water is a�?Will consuming hard water that is rich in minerals cause kidney stones?a�?

The association between the water hardness and the formation of kidney stones still remains unclear. However, several studies have shown that there are no clear connections between drinking hard water and the incidence of kidney stones. Kidney stone formation is generally known to be based on ones generic, nutritional, environmental and metabolic factors.

The above mentioned metabolic factors include hypercalciuria , hyperuricosuria, cystinuria, and hypocitaturia. The nutritional and the environmental factors may include dehydration, diet that is rich in animal proteins and as well as calcium rich diet.

Treating hard water:

Even though drinking hard water is not proven to be harmful to health, it would be better to drink soft water compared to mineral rich hard water. You can treat the hard water and soften it. There are various systems available in the market that softens water. These are engineered to eliminate minerals that create water which tastes and smells better. Even though there are many different types of softeners available, most of them use a filter to reduce the mineral content and remove them. Some of them also use sodium that attracts and removes the dissolved minerals. Depending on which system you want to use you may have to use it at various points of water entry in your home.

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