Drought and Its Effects

In this 21st century, many nations are suffering from drastic weather conditions from extreme drought in some nations to exceptional amount of rain fall in some nations. For example, one can take the recent case in the Horn of East Africa. The nations that are already affected by civil war and tough economic conditions now are suffering from one of the worst drought that human kind has ever experienced in more than sixty years. According to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), people from these countries are facing a�?massive faminea�?. In a recent interview, the top American officials have stated that in nations like Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, millions of peoplea��s lives are at risk. Collected data shows that more than half a million people are already experiencing severe status of malnutrition and famine already.

What is drought?

Drought is usually defined by the balance between water supply and water demand. In other words, if there is a deficiency of precipitation then drought occurs. If the human demand for water increases than what’s available in nature, then the drought occurs. It occurs in almost all the climate zones.

What are the current known possible causes of drought?

It is commonly known that drought is a result of less rain fall. However, for water vapour to condense and become rain, the air has to rise into the colder areas of earth’s atmosphere. There will be no rain fall if it doesn’t rise. If for example, there is high atmospheric pressure, then the air would fall instead of rising. This is because no currents of water vapour could be carried upward if the air is pressed down due to high pressure zone, as a result there would be no condensation. Also, these high pressure zones tend to push the clouds downward that would result into cloudless and sunny weather conditions.

Here are some other factors that cause drought

  • Erosion
  • Deforestation
  • Global warming
  • Pollution

Now, as you could already see that drought is putting millions and millions of lives in danger around the world, we have to do something to alleviate this condition as soon as we could!

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