Newly Discovered Advantages of Water Recycling

We all know how important it is to recycle water! Water equals survival for all the living species on this planet! If there is no water then there would be no survival of living things. We are also well aware of water scarcity and how it is affecting us now and how it may affect our future generation. We are inventing new ways every day as to how to optimize water usage and preserve fresh water. We must remember that the worlda��s resources have been there for centuries and none of us own it or none of us will own it! We are just allowed to wisely use it and leave it undisturbed for our offspring.
We have entered into an era of scarce resources and this situation has arised because in the past decades the number of uses has increased dramatically. There are different reasons as to why there is such an increase. It could be listed as following:

  • Increased population and its concentration in major urban centers
  • The development of new accession countries
  • The development of new water needs

Climate change is also one of the factors for water scarcity. However, it is certainly more realistic to consider that climate change is an accelerator of the gap between needs and resources. One of the ways we could utilize to optimize the water usage is to recycle water or reuse water. How do we do that?

Water recycling

In addition to reducing consumption, another way to save water is to recycle it. The same water can indeed be used several times for different purposes and even for the same purpose. In developed countries, some industries are already recycling their water that is circulating in a closed circuit. Domestic water recycling is also possible.

The Japanese, for example, have developed in areas where water is scarce, a technique for recycling water in domestic buildings. They collect the water that is used to wash in tanks, treat them roughly, and return them to the same building for power flushing. This way they managed to reduce the water consumption by half.

In conducting this strategy further, some have devised systems where water is fully recycled from household waste on site using extensive treatment, and then the waste is disposed as wet sludge. Through this, consumption is then reduced almost to that of drinking water and evaporation losses. This method is already being used in space shuttles, where the same water is expected to be reused over and over again for months.

Newly discovered advantage of recycling

As you could already notice, there are many advantages in recycling water! The recently discovered advantage is an interesting one! According to a South African- born researcher James Barnard, who is also a Kuan Yew Water Prize Laureate winner of this year, water reuse is not just a way that helps to optimize water usage but it also helps to recover important nutrients. One of those nutrients is known to be phosphorus. He is the one who invented a cost-effective, green method to recycle used water.

Among all the other advantages, this seems to be the most attractive one now. Hopefully, this would encourage more people to recycle water! Water reuse should happen at smaller households if we want to enjoy the full benefits of this method. Water recycling is also considered to be one of the cheapest methods to solve the issues that are related to water scarcity compared to desalination; a process where they turn sea water into drinking water.

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