Do We Have to Drink Two Litres of Water Everyday?

There has been this myth among us that a human adult should drink eight glasses of water everyday. Science however has no evidences to support this argument. Recently, Glasgow GP Margaret McCartney, in an opinion piece for British Medical Journal said that, drinking excess amount of water might cause hyponatraemia, a condition that may turn out to be potentially fatal. This condition particularly makes your body’s salt levels to fall below a certain level, leading to swelling of your brain.

Dr.McCartny further states that, a�?If youa��re drinking excessively, if youa��re drinking beyond thirst; if youa��re drinking beyond comfort, your kidneys are actually having to work very, very hard.a�? This is not a solo claim by Dr McCartney; The Mayo Clinic also said in the past that the claim of drinking two litres of water per day a�?…isna��t really supported by scientific evidencea�?.

Most of our foods that we eat contain water! For example, if we take the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables then that should be sufficient amount of water. We do not have to force ourselves to drink excess water.

Now, it might however take some more time to even prove the above claim. There may not be enough scientific back up for both claims. Now, as normal people, which side should we believe? Should we continue to drink as much water as we could everyday or should we just ignore it and drink when ever we feel like it? The answer is, do not confuse yourself with any of these scientific clashes till it is concretely proven. Just give what your system demands! If you are feeling thirsty then just go ahead and drink enough water, if you don’t then do not force yourself.

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