Water Pollution and Children

The water pollution results from contamination by organic materials and chemicals found in human waste, animal and industrial wastes as well as fertilizers, pesticides, biological and even drugs. In fact, in underdeveloped countries, 95% of domestic sewage and 75% of industrial waste are discharged into rivers. In developed countries, a third of human waste and millions of tons of animal waste are discharged into the water fields. These human and animal wastes contain




that contaminate groundwater.

Some countries add fluoride to drinking water which is known as fluoride pollution. The inhabitants of the areas that are the subject of fluoridation are marked by a very high rate of hip fractures and a very rare type of cancer that affects young people aged nine to 19. Fluoride also causes an iodine deficiency, which is detrimental to thyroid, not to mention the fact that it triggers some physical and mental disabilities.

The use of polluted water is very harmful; especially children are more affected by it. This is because small children have a very sensitive system and they consume more volume of water per kilo of their body weight.

Polluted water and children – Health effects

  1. Approximately 6000 children die each day due to diarrheal diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and cholera.
  2. They are also the cause of many skin diseases like scabies.
  3. Children cannot detoxify hazards from water because their system is under developed and it simply cana��t do that job.

Children from around the world, regardless of where they live, are being affected by water pollution! The number of kids who are facing health issues due to water pollution is increasing every day! If we adults dona��t do anything to improve this situation then we might even have a future generation that struggles with unknown diseases that we never heard of in our life time.

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