Charity Water

We all know the importance of water, water pollution, water scarcity and many more topics that are related to water. Especially, water scarcity or the availability of clean water is becoming a threatening issue around the globe. Nearly all the governments in most countries are corrupt; some governments however, are working on satisfying the water need of their population. In addition to that, there are some non profit organizations that are setting an example to prove that we do not always have to depend on our rulers to solve our problems.

For example, Charity Water is one of those organizations that are trying to take things in their hands and find solution. This is not an article that focuses on one particular organization; rather it focuses on what they do and see how we could follow their foot steps in solving our local issues related to water scarcity.

Charity Water:

According to Charity Water, one person out of eight does not have access to clean water. Their mission is to work on bringing fresh water to every person in developing countries. It was founded in 2006 and based in New York City. As of now, it has worked on approximately 19 countries helping over 1,794,983 people. They have also sent over $10 million dollars over to those countries to help with those projects.

It utilizes media platforms from both mainstream and social media to raise awareness. It also arranges annual galas, events to raise funds. Their initiatives have actually raised donations from over 50,000 individuals. Administrative costs are covered by some donors therefore all the funds that are raised go to water project initiatives.

This is one of many initiatives that began with the help of ordinary people just like you and I! We all can do something to ameliorate peoplea��s lives just like Charity Water. All we have to do is just find a way regardless of how small or big it is!

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