Bottled Water vs Tap Water

Bottled water or Tap water, which is better? Those bottled water manufacturing companies, and their advocacy groups, argue that bottled water is the safest way to consume water if one wants to lead a healthy life! Those who are against corporatization of water lobby against that notion and try to encourage people to consume tap water! Innocent consumers, caught in the middle are confused to the max as to which side to believe. Here is a small comparison between tap water and bottled water! This comparison might help you to make your own decision.

Bottled water vs Tap Water:

  • Government surveys suggest that forty percent of bottled water originates from tap water, sometimes with minerals added.
  • The industry of bottled water annually generates tons of plastic waste.
  • The cost of bottled water compared to tap water is much higher. Drinking it costs between 200 and 300 times more money than drinking tap water
  • A plastic bottle is not or only very slightly degradable naturally. It is estimated that a bottle takes up to 1000 years to degrade in natural environment! Unfortunately, the bottles often end up in landfills (in third world countries) and thus are buried underground in the best case or dumped in the oceans.

Although the quality of tap water is very uneven from one area to another (water, in large cities, much more controlled than in rural areas where more and more water is contaminated by agriculture), we could see that drinking bottled water would not only harm our wallet but would also harm the environment, and the health as well!. Now, ita��s up to you to choose which side should win when it comes to

bottled water vs tap water


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