Ban Bottled Water?

Bottled water producers claim that it is 100% pure and free from any harmful bacteria! Those companies also warn us not to drink tap water saying that it could be poisonous. There are thousands and thousands of people who believe this prophesy and they run away from tap water even if they are about to die from dehydration. Using this fear as an advantage, the pure bottled water business has become one of the main sources of income in developing countries. In developed countries on the other hand, it is one of the most profitable industries besides oil! In fact, in those countries water is now considered as blue gold due to the amount of profit thata��s earned from it. However, how many of us question these companiesa�� claim of



Here are few main reasons why we should avoid/ban bottled water!

      No better than tap water:

      In United States, the Food and Drug Administration regulates the bottled water. In reality, almost 70% of products never pass the state lines. Water systems, on the other hand are well regulated by local Environmental Protection Agency which inspects the water for harmful chemicals and deadly bacteria.

      Bottled water equals garbage:

      1.5 millions tons of plastic waste is produced every year by the bottles that are used to pack water. Food and Water Watch states that around 47 million gallons of oil is needed every year to produce this amount of plastic. Most of these bottles (around 80%), are not even being recycled by users.

      The privatization of water:

      Due to the high demand for bottled water, corporations are going around the world and privatizing fresh water sources. This would just lead to a huge water scarcity and if it continues then these companies would be able to decide who lives and dies just by controlling the water resources.

Now, it is in our hands to act against this! Even after reading this article if you are still undecided whether or not to ban/avoid bottled water then spend some time to do a little research on your own! This research would not just help you to make a better choice but would also help the future of humanity!

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