Water Resources


water sources

that are useful to humans are considered

water resources

. There are five types of main water resources available to us – under river flow, surface water, desalination, ground water, and frozen water. These categories are part of our planeta��s water circulatory system thata��s known as hydrologic cycle and it is obtained from precipitation such as rainfall and snow.

Surface water resources:

Water in a river, fresh water wetland or lake is considered as surface water. It is naturally refilled by precipitation and lost through evaporation, or through discharge to the oceans. Even though precipitation is the only natural input to this surface water system, the amount of water that could be stored in depends on many other things, such as lakesa�� storage capacity, and soila��s permeability.

Ground Water Resources:

This is the water that could be found in the minute openings of soil and rocks. This water flows within aquifers that are located underneath the water table.
Under river flow: Under water flow includes both the free water thata��s visible along with the flow that goes through gravels and sub-surface rocks.


Through this process the sea water is converted to be fresh water. There are two common processes available, one is distillation and the other one is reverse osmosis.

Frozen water:

The icebergs that are found in north poles and south poles are considered to be one of the water resources as well. There are several proposals made to make use of these. However, this hasna��t been done yet in practice, because glacier runoff is what we consider to be surface water therefore there is no need to exploit the icebergs.

The above are just a brief description of our water resources, even though we have so many water resources at our disposal, we should always be careful in using them. Because water scarcity is threatening human survival on this earth! If we are not careful then we might face some serious, unsolvable problems.

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