Water Conspiracy

Water conspiracy,

what is it? Does it really exist? If it does then how would it affect us humans? Why should we be worried? Jesse Ventura, a former governor and also the host of a show called Conspiracy Theory, calls water as blue gold. Water once it was known as human right before is known as valuable commodity now. Its value is going up every day because the demand for water supply is increasing as the world population is growing. Remember, only 2 percent of world’s water supply is drinkable even though large part of our globe is covered by water.

In his documentary called

Water Conspiracy

, Jesse Ventura argues that, those who control the world’s water supply would be controlling the world and have massive amount of power in their hands. In fact water is now becoming the determinant factor of world’s wealth. Especially, those giants who own oil companies are now believed to be buying out water rights around the globe. Water now is more profitable than oil! In fact it has become the new oil now!

In addition to the above conspiracy claim, Jesse also says that, China is now draining the great lakes to their aquifers. Great lakes water level has gone down by 40 percent of its capacity, because people are consuming water at a faster rate than the natural system can recharge its lake. People raised an important question asking, what our politicians are doing when all this is happening. It seems like; they are being bought off by these co operations with money! When that happens these politicians just sign any contract that may allow these companies to exploit that countries’ water resources in any way they want. You can imagine what would happen if there is not enough water for us to survive! This does not just happen in America, these multinational companies are going after water supplies in almost every country in the world! Especially developing countries are more vulnerable to this situation than developed countries.

Multinational companies are on the verge of privatizing world’s all the fresh water supply and then sell them back to people to make billions and billions of dollars as profit! Now the question in front of us is, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit down and watch as these companies steal away our water supplies? Is this something that we are going to leave behind for our future generation? Or are we going to denounce the water conspiracy and get on with our lives, not care about those who are suffering just because we have money to buy the bottled water at any price they offer?

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