Water Art!

We all know that water is an essential element for the survival of species on this planet! Lives on earth would be extinct if there is no water! Apart from that, did you also know that water plays an important role in art? This could be categorized into two categories! One is water art and the other one is water in art.

Water art:

Some of the water sports could be considered as water art, where water is used as one of the tools to perform the sport. For example, synchronized swimming is a type of water sport, in which performers mix gymnastics, dance and swimming. It is a very demanding type of art that strengthens both muscles and cardiovascular system. Those athletes who practice these types of sports are expected to be flexible, powerful, and creative/artistic!

Water in art:

When we say water in art, we look at the ways in which water is used as part of literature! It could be either symbolic or literal! Water is ubiquitous in most of the founding myths of civilizations. It is found among the ancient Greeks, the Bible, the Koran, and also among Australian aborigines. Our imagination itself is populated by aquatic monsters which create ambivalent feelings among us. The water therefore has a very symbolic dimension, which allows us to build our relationship with this world. It is therefore is not surprising that it has inspired painters and musicians.

For example,

during the time of Renaissance, water in motion was a main theme for many painters. Their paintings included, stream, turbulent ocean, and waterfall. In addition to that they also enjoyed calm water fronts such as lakes, slow-moving rivers, and calm sea. The water was used to dictate the mood of the painting in each case.

Water therefore is an important element not just for our survival but also for literature which is known as

water art

by many!

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