How to Sterilize Water?

People living in the United States are accustomed to water that is free from bacteria, fungi and uninterrupted source of water. Disruption in water lines can occur when the water supplies get affected by floods and other unexpected situations. It is important to know

how to sterilize water

especially during these situations. You can also supply sterilized water that is free from unwanted microorganisms. Read on to know more about the various steps that will help you understand

how to sterilize water


Tips to Sterilize Water

The following steps will help you know

how to sterilize water

so that it will be free from bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

  • Boiling

    : Many people have a misconception that boiling water will help in sterilizing it completely, which is not true. There is a certain type of bacteria that usually forms spores. These spores are generally resistant to boiling. Few strains of bacteria are resistant to the heat which is above the boiling point. So, boiling water will not be of great use.

  • Pressure Cooker

    : You can use a pressure cooker to sterilizing water. Fill water in a bottle and place it in a cooker. Make sure that bottle cap is loose in order to avoid bursting of the bottle under pressure. Instead, you can cover the bottle with the help of an aluminum foil as it helps in preventing the accumulation of bacteria in and around the bottle mouth.

  • Chlorine

    : This can also be used for water sterilization. Collect water in a container and wait till the particles in it settle down completely. Clear this water into a clean container and add at least two drops of Clorox bleach. You can add 8 drops of this bleach to a gallon of water. If the water is cloudy then you can add double amount of the Clorox bleach to it.

  • Ultraviolet Radiation

    : This works effectively on pathogens. Ultraviolet radiation is used to sterilize large amounts of water. You can do this by pouring the water in a container and allow the particles to settle down. Then pour this clear water into a bottle and place it in sunlight at least for eight hours. The combined effect of heat and ultraviolet radiation from sun will help in producing safe water to drink.

  • Iodine

    : You can add 2 percent tincture of the iodine to water in order to sterilize it. In order to sterilize a gallon of water you may have to add around 12 drops of this solution.

This was about

how to sterilize water

and these steps will help you drink clean and safe water. Sterilized water will also help you stay healthy.

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