Purpose of Water Pills

Diuretics is the other name used for

water pills

and they are used for treating various health conditions. They are also used for relieving certain temporary conditions which do not require any prescription medication. These pills are also prescribed by the doctors for treating serious medical conditions along with other prescribed medications. Read on to know the various reasons why these pills are used.

Uses of Diuretics

Water pills

can be used for various purposes and the following are a few of them.

  • Excess Salt Intake

    : People who consume excess sodium during meals can be more prone to fluid retention or water retention. Water retention can result in bloating and these pills help in relieving from temporary salt retention. They also reduce bloating and fluid retention.

  • High Blood Pressure

    : People suffering from high blood pressure are prescribed diuretics. These help in reducing hypertension by further lowering the sodium buildup in the body that can in turn lead to this condition. These pills can be taken along with other medications used for hypertension.

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    : According to American Academy of Family Physicians, diuretics are also prescribed for people suffering from congestive heart failure. These pills help in decreasing the fluid collection in the lungs as this can result in constricted breathing.

  • Liver Disease

    : People suffering from certain health complications like cirrhosis, a liver disease are given diuretics as they play a major role in reducing fluid accumulation in the tissue.

  • Surgery

    : Diuretics are generally given to a patient before and after the surgery as this helps in reducing swelling in the brain and also blood pressure.

These were the various purposes of

water pills

. Apart from the above mentioned purposes they are also used to flush out the excess water and toxins from the body. They are also prescribed for people suffering from excess body weight. These pills help in flushing the excess water that causes bloating in various parts of the body such as legs, hands and stomach. Make sure that you take diuretics under the supervision of a doctor as excess consumption can again lead to other health complications.

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