How to Clean Rainwater Tanks?

Many people use rain barrels in order to collect the run off water. This is considered as the best way to use this water for toilet flushing, cleaning, car wash, pet care and gardening. You can keep your

rainwater tanks

clean and free from dirt by maintaining the tank and preventing it from getting dirty. Read on to know more ways to keep the tank clean.

Tips for Clean Tank

The following steps will help you know how to how to keep the

rainwater tanks

clean and free from dirt.

  • Barrier

    : You can keep the tanks clean by preventing any kind of water contamination. You can either do this by placing a barrier or a fencing around the tank as this helps in preventing animal and human contamination of the water. You can reduce the chances of anything or anyone trying to pollute the tank by putting a fence around it.

  • Detach Downspout

    : You can detach the

    rainwater tank

    from the downspout as this helps on preventing of the accumulation of the winter debris in the tank during rainy season. The very first heavy rain will only push the rotten leaves, mud and sticks into the drain pipes from the roof. This situation can be avoided by detaching the tank and the spout in advance.

  • Bleach

    : You can add half a cup of bleach to the tank or to the full barrel of rainwater. This helps in minimizing dissuade insect infestation and odor. Mix this bleach in a barrel full of water as this helps in cleaning the water inside it.

  • Filtration Systems

    : You can also make use of the post and pre water filtration systems . These systems are widely available in any garden stores. These filtration systems are very helpful in improving the water quality, cleaning water impurities and debris. You can use a pre-filtration system in order to keep the water tank clean.

  • Covering the Tank

    : It is always important to keep the tank covered with the help of a mesh screen as this helps in preventing mosquitoes and leaves from entering into the water. Natural rain barrels do not come with a lid therefore, a mesh screen is important to cover it. It is important to prevent the build up of mosquito larvae though this water is only used for watering plants.

  • Cleaning

    : Make sure that you clean the water tank thoroughly at least once in year. You can do this either before spring setup or before winter storage. Disinfecting, scrubbing and draining will keep the tank clean.

This is how you can keep the

rainwater tanks

clean and free from dirt. You can even keep these barrel inside during winter as this helps in preventing the build up of debris and dirt in the tank. Make sure you also avoid warping of wood and cracking of plastic in the tank. Keep the tank in a cool environment after draining and drying it thoroughly till next use.

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