Sources of Drinking Water Contamination

Many people in the United States drink contaminated water as there are several sources that lead to

drinking water contamination

. However, most of the sources may not be harmful to the human health. Among all the contaminants bacteria to metals are the most common source that lead to water contamination. Tap water is also another source of this condition. Read on to know more about the various sources.

Various Sources of Water Contamination

The following are a few sources that cause some serious

drinking water contamination


  • Sewage

    : This is one of the most common thing that can contaminate drinking water. Excess storm water can force raw sewage to overflow its systems to the nearest treatment plants polluting them. Septic tanks are another reasons for contaminating water in the United States. Leakage of sewer lines into the nearest water supplies can result in causing traces of chemicals, metals, diseases, unpleasant taste in water. Sewage-related contaminants generally include assorted metals, nitrates, giardia and E.coli.

  • Agricultural Runoff

    : Pesticides and fertilizers are the main contaminants in agricultural runoffs. Water contamination occurs when these pesticides and fertilizers get washed into the streams or through soil. They have high levels of nitrates that cause more damage to the infants when they get mixed in water. This can be avoided by maintaining clean and well maintained water supplies.

  • Urban Runoffs

    : This usually causes contamination as the non-porous surfaces in the urban areas may not be able to filter all the contaminants just like soil. This can make the water unsafe to drink especially with the occurrence of irrigation and precipitation. The causes of this condition can be mainly due to road salts, grease, encompassing oil and suspended sediment. Other important aspects are the sewer system infrastructure and overflow of storm water.

  • Landfills and Dumps

    : These may consist of metals, bacteria, minerals and sometimes explosives as well which further result in causing water contamination when water seeps through them. The ground water can get polluted due to leachate tainted substance present in the water supplies.

This was all about the various sources that lead to

drinking water contamination

. It is important to take all the necessary steps to keep the water free from contaminants and to make it safe to drink.

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