Water Blisters Treatment

Water blisters may not cause pain but can cause a lot of inconvenience. People suffering from this condition may find it difficult to perform their daily activities such as wearing gloves or shoes.

Water blisters treatment

is important in order to get rid of them as early as possible. Read on to know more about the steps that will help in overcoming this condition.

Tips to Overcome Water Blisters

The following steps will help you know certain tips on

water blisters treatment


  • You may have to first know the cause of this condition as repeated or constant friction against the skin can lead to this condition. This can mainly happen during the gripping of tennis rackets or golf clubs or due to improper fitting shoes and also while holding garden tools.
  • You can avoid this condition by making small adjustments such as wearing gloves while playing tennis or golf in order to avoid friction. Make sure you use a tennis racket of the right size and that it has a proper grip too. Avoid wearing shoes that do not fit your feet properly
  • You would have to treat the blistered area with utmost care by cleaning it properly and covering it with a sterile and dry bandage for protection. Avoid activities that cause blisters and also friction as it can further cause this condition.
  • Using a donut shaped bandage will help in avoiding friction and also covers the blistered area properly. The bandage or pad absorbs the friction when it is placed at the center of the blister and by cutting its center exactly in the size of the blister.
  • Avoid puncturing of the blister as it can sometimes lead to an infection due to open skin. However, puncturing the site can sometimes help if proper care is taken during and after the procedure. Leave the effected area for it to heal naturally as the body of a person will automatically reabsorb it. Once the fluid gets absorbed, avoid peeling of the dead layer of the skin as it helps in protecting the blistered area from infections.

This was all about

water blisters treatment

. Consult a doctor if you think that there is pus like discharge oozing out of the blistered area as it can be mainly due to an infection.

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