How to Identify Sources of Water Pollution

Water pollution, the most common issue troubling the entire world is caused due to several reasons and we humans play a major role in it. Point and non point source pollutants are responsible for causing this condition. It is very important to know

how to identify sources of water pollution

in order to prevent them completely. You can do this by tracing out the origination of both point and non point sources. It is necessary to take every step required to prevent this problem. Read on to know

how to identify the sources of water pollution


Identifying Point Sources

The following article explains on

how to identify sources of water pollution

(Point Sources).

  • Animal Farm Factories

    : You can inspect any of the animal farm factories where you can find cows, swineherds, chicken coops kept in pens. Animal wastes dumped into the sewer system can result in causing water pollution. You can create an awareness among the people taking care of these farms about the affects of water pollution. You can also ask them to avoid dumping the animal wastes into the sewer system as this can in turn get mixed with other water bodies further polluting the water.

  • Water Treatment Plant

    : You can also visit a nearby water treatment plant and check whether the water is clean and free from dirt and grit. Make sure that chlorine treatment or sand filtration treatment is used in order to keep the water clean and free from dirt.

  • Swimming Pool

    : Make sure that the water inside the swimming pool is free from dirt as no one wants to take a dip in polluted and unclean water. There are chances for the viruses, microorganisms and bacteria from the pool to get into the water supplies and later join other water bodies resulting in water pollution. Make sure that the water in the swimming pool is clear and free from bacteria and other viruses.

Identifying Non point Sources

The following article explains on

how to identify sources of water pollution

(Non point sources).

  • Household Runoffs

    : Oil from car, widespread antifreeze or fertilization and runoff from house hold are the non point sources of water pollution. There are chances for all these pollutants to travel into the drains and join other water bodies from there. Make sure you avoid such pollutants to get into the sewer system.

  • Animals and Pets

    : Make sure that pet feces do not get into the plumbing or sewer system as they are one of the major causes of water pollution.

  • Water Channels

    : Make sure you avoid altering the channel of a stream or a river as this can result in polluting the water. Make sure you also avoid adding retaining walls and removing trees from any water source as this can again result in causing water pollution.

The above article has explained clearly on

how to identify sources of water pollution

. Necessary steps should be taken by the government and by the people as well in order to avoid this condition.

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