Hard Water Vs Soft Water

Water is a basic necessity for every living being. Many people may not have an idea on what hard water and soft water mean. Well, water is classified based on its chemical content as hard water and soft water. This article explains clearly about

hard water vs soft water

. The calcium content in the water determines the hardness of the water. If the calcium content in the water is below 160 ppm, then it is known as soft water and if the calcium content is above 160 ppm then it is hard water. Let us have a quick look on what hard water and soft water are individually, before moving on to the differences between them.

Hard Water

This water is generally high in mineral content. Hard water mostly consists of lime, chalk, magnesium, calcium etc. Magnesium and calcium minerals are found in huge amounts in hard water. Sometimes, it can also be rich in sulfates or bi-carbonates. Many people prefer drinking this water for its high mineral content and in spite of its bad taste. This water may have bad effects on clothes and soap as well.

Soft Water

This water is absolutely free from minerals. However, it may consist very little amounts of magnesium and other minerals. Soft water is generally got from sandstone which can be either a granite or a sedimentary rock and from igneous rocks as well. Soft water can also be obtained by getting rid of all the minerals from the hard water. This water is easy to drink and also tastes good.

Hard Water Vs Soft Water

Every individual has a doubt whether hard water is better or soft water. The most prominent difference is that hard water may not work good lather as much as soft water does. This usually occurs when the dissolved ions in the water react with the the soap chemicals resulting in the formation of insoluble residue. While, soap and soft water work very well making your skin smooth and it also gives glow to your skin.

Plumbing systems in the house can get damaged due to hard water. Therefore, for long lasting plumbing systems hard water should be treated. For the consumption purpose, high mineral content water ie. hard water is good for the body than the soft water. However, some researchers say that soft water has good effects on the body than hard water. This was all about

hard water vs soft water

. However, at the end of the day, a person may prefer using water to which he/she is used to.

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