Water Softener Salt Types

Many people face problems related to the deposition of salt on their clothes or in the sink and this can be mainly due to the hard water. Usage of an effective water softener will help in overcoming this situation easily. A water softener works effectively if proper salt type is used for it.

Water softener salt types

play a major role in converting the calcium and magnesium present in the hard water into potassium or sodium compounds. Water softening completely depends on the type of salt used for the water softener. Read on to know the various

water softener salt types

used for water softening.

Various Water Softener Salt Types

Three basic salt types are used for a water softener system and these salts react with magnesium and calcium. These salts also react with iron present in the water and also help in flushing them at regular intervals. They also keep the water soft so that the detergents and soaps can give out the lather easily. Read on to know about these basic three salts used for a water softener.

  • Evaporated Salt

    : In general, salt gets easily dissolved and goes along with the water underground. This salt remains in the underground when all the water gets dried up completely. This left over salt which is dug out using certain mining techniques is known as evaporated salt. Evaporated salt consists of high concentrations of sodium chloride that helps in softening the water easily and quickly.

  • Solar Salt

    : This salt is usually collected from the sea shore when the sea water gets trapped on the shore during the day leaving behind the salt. This salt is then sold in the form of powder or pellets and has lower sodium chloride levels. This salt also contains insoluble substances in it and is less preferred for the water softeners.

  • Rock Salt

    : This salt is the crudest salt form and is least preferred for water softening purpose. Rock salt is usually acquired with the help of mining process. This process helps in digging this salt which is present inside the ground and it cannot be dissolved in water easily.

This was all about the basic

water softener salt types

. For better and effective results you can combine both solar and evaporated salts together depending on the hardness of the water. Make sure that you avoid combining any salt with rock salt as it may damage the water softener completely.

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