Is Seltzer Water Bad for You?

Sparkling water is the other name used for seltzer water and this is purely carbonated water. This water is usually made by introducing carbon dioxide forcibly into plain water to make it look like soda. Many people drink this water regularly without realizing the fact – ‘

Is seltzer water bad for you

‘? This carbonated water may not be good for your health as it consists of huge amounts of carbon dioxide that may have negative affects on the body. Let us take a look at why

is seltzer water bad for you


Negative Effects of Seltzer Water

  • According to a study, regular consumption of carbonated beverages may have a bad impact on your overall health and bones. Carbonated water can result in the depletion of calcium levels in the body further resulting in the development of the condition of



  • Excess consumption of seltzer water can also result in weakening of the teeth, affecting kidney and liver. It can sometimes also lead to cancer.
  • However, this water does not have additives like artificial sweeteners, sugars and phosphoric acid. Generally seltzer water may have positive effects on people suffering from stomach discomfort or digestive problems.
  • This water has negative effects on the health of a person when he/she consumes excess amounts of this water with several flavored varieties.
  • These flavored varieties may consist of certain sugars, artificial flavors, sodium and other additives that can lead to other health complications.
  • Drinking too much of seltzer water may also help in inducing excessive thirst.

Excess Seltzer Water

Excess consumption of carbonated water will always lead to health complications. The following points explains more in detail why

is seltzer water bad for you

. The purest form of seltzer water can be slightly acidic in nature that can result in the weakening of the teeth enamel in the long run. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your teeth when you consume excess seltzer water.

Sometimes, it can also lead to dehydration problems in the body weakening it completely. Eventually excess consumption of this water is not recommended as it is bad for your health. It is always advisable to drink plenty and plenty of water in order to stay healthy and fit!

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