How to Reduce Water Pollution?

With various issues such as global warming, environmental pollution and other problems haunting our planet and further leading to the depletion of all the water sources every single day, water pollution is another added factor. It is necessary for every individual to know all the necessary steps on how to

reduce water pollution

. Before we move on to the steps to prevent water pollution, let us have a quick look on the severe effects of this condition on the environment.

Effects of Water Pollution

This condition may cause severe changes in the chemical, biological and physical properties of water. Contamination of water can take place due to the presence of harmful substances. Drinking polluted water can lead to certain severe water borne diseases like diarrhea and dysentery.

This can also cause severe damage to the ecosystem further effecting the fish, animals, plants and other organisms living in it. As we now know the effects of this condition, let us have a look on how to

reduce water pollution


Simple Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Thankfully there are ways that will help you prevent and

reduce water pollution

. Read on to know about the simple steps that will help in overcoming this condition.

  • Saving Water

    : This is one of the best ways to prevent water pollution. Saving water will help in treating less contaminated water lowering the pressure on the resources as well. One can save water by following simple steps like turning off the tap while brushing, washing utensils or when the washing machine is not in use. You can even use a cloth or a mop instead of a hose pipe as this will help in saving plenty of water.

  • What Are You Throwing

    : Always have a watch on what you are discarding. Make sure that you never throw away litter, paints, oil and other things into the toilet or sink. There are chances for all these to get mixed with water leading to water pollution. It is necessary to give your car for servicing regularly as the chemical and oil leaks from car can travel to the nearest water body further leading to water pollution.

  • Chemicals

    : All the fertilizers and pesticides you use for your garden are poisonous and harmful when they get mixed with water. These chemicals and pesticides will try and find a way into any of the water resources polluting it completely.

Proper disposal of garbage and maintaining a proper and clean septic tank can also help you to

reduce water pollution

to a great extent.

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