Does Drinking Water Help you Lose Weight

Everybody love to stay fit and in shape by trying out different kinds of crash diet plans under the sun. Starving and rigorous workouts might have temporary effects leaving you dissatisfied completely. Lets us have a look at how

does drinking water help you lose weight

. Seldom we ignore or forget simple things which are easily available and which help in losing weight naturally. For instance water, most of us are not aware that drinking water has excellent effects on weight reduction. You can simply and easily shed those extra pounds which are troubling you by just drinking adequate quantity of water everyday. Read on to know more on how

does drinking water help you lose weight


Drinking Water Tips

The following article will explain you on

how does drinking water help you lose weight


  • Drinking water helps you lose weight easily by preventing you from overeating and it also helps in flushing out the excess toxins from the body.
  • It also helps in flushing out the old water that is stored by the body in fear of dehydration eventually leading to edema and bloating.
  • Bloating and edema is medically termed as water retention and this makes you look fat as the water gets stored between the cells and tissues of the body. This can result in swollen belly and ankles.
  • When a person does not drink sufficient quantity of water required for the body then his/her kidneys may not function properly and may not excrete urine as well.
  • Liver plays an important role in hydrolysis of fats. Scarcity of water may tend to force the liver to help kidneys instead of burning fat and this can eventually result in storage of fat in the body. Drinking plenty of water may help the liver in weight loss and burning fat easily.
  • Water will also help in improving the muscle tone as well.

How to Drink?

Most of the physicians recommend you to drink cold water than warm water as it can be readily and easily absorbed in the stomach. When a person drinks cold water his/her body may tend to rise its temperature to that of the body, eventually leading to the burning of more and more calories.

I guess you have got an answer for the question ‘

does drinking water help you lose weight

?’ However, you should always keep in mind that you avoid water overdose as well. Overdose of water can also lead to water toxicity due to the presence of excess water in the body. In such cases, you may have to keep a track or check on the symptoms of this condition. Cut down on excess calorie intake and exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.

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