Gripe Water Pros and Cons

Gripe water is given to the newborns as a traditional practice and as a natural course. This article explains about the

gripe water pros and cons

clearly. Gripe water provides relief from extended crying periods, colic etc, in the newborns. It also provides relief from the digestion problems and it can also be used as an important ingredient for massaging. Chamomile, fructose, catnip, caraway, angelica, cardamom, cinnamon, peppermint, dill, fennel and ginger are the ingredients used for this water. Among these mentioned ingredients, chamomile; peppermint; ginger and fennel are the most commonly used. Read on to know more about

gripe water pros and cons


Pros of Gripe Water

The following are a few pros of gripe water as few ingredients in it such as chamomile, fennel, etc. provide good health benefits.

  • Digestion

    : Colic is a common health condition that affects almost 25% of the babies 3 weeks after their birth. This usually occurs when the digestive system of the baby is not completely developed further leading to the development of gas in their stomach. The developed gas in the stomach makes the babies cry out loud with pain. Gripe water helps in converting the tiny gas bubbles into one whole bubble making it easy for the baby to burp it out easily. This is how it provides aid in digestion.

  • Tooth Pain

    : Gripe water provides relief from the pain that the baby suffers during teething.

  • Side Effects

    : Gripe water may not have any kind of side effects as it is made of natural ingredients such as peppermint and fennel. Therefore, it is very safe for the baby and is considered as an advantage.

  • Availability

    : Gripe water is available easily in all medical shops and its price is affordable.

Cons of Gripe Water

However, there are a few disadvantages of using gripe water and the following are a few of them.

  • Alcohol Content

    : Parents have to be very careful while feeding the baby with gripe water as few brands may have alcohol in them. Alcohol is not good for infants as it induces sleep. Make sure that you read the ingredients and contents on the label before purchasing gripe water.

  • Time Period

    : Gripe water is usually given to newborns who are just days old i.e less than a month. It could be difficult for their digestive system to deal with all the ingredients as it is very fragile in the initial few months. Make sure you avoid using gripe water if your baby is finding it difficult to digest it.

  • Trail and Error

    : It is very difficult to know a particular brand that suits the baby. Parents have to check for a brand that provides effective results as all products may not provide same kind of results.

  • Hiccups

    : Many a times, babies are prone to hiccups apart from colic. Gripe water may not have any kind affect on hiccups in babies.

This was all about

gripe water pros and cons

that may help you find a good brand that keeps all the problems related to the babies at bay!

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