Saltless Water Softener

Water softener is the most common home appliance available in almost every home.

Saltless water softener

can be used in order to treat the hard water. Many people get hard water for daily use which may not be good for health as it consists of excess amounts of mineral ions like magnesium and calcium. Hard water also interferes with bathing and washing clothes as it may not help in providing the sufficient lather. Read on to know more about these water softeners.

How they Work?

  • Hard water is made to pass through the resin beads containing sodium ions in a normal water softener.
  • The calcium and magnesium ions are generally replaced by the sodium ions delivering the soft water through the outlet pipe. This may result in increasing the sodium levels in the diet as it can lead to certain health complications.
  • For this reason many people opt for using

    saltless water softener

    as they provide high-end results.

  • This water softener usually works by changing the mineral crystal’s structure in the hard water. This helps in lowering the crystals tendency to form scales.
  • These water softeners do not remove the hardness or mineral ions directly.
  • The formation of scales is prevented quickly by generating the electric charges in the system.
  • These water softeners are very effective in treating hard water.


  • The sodium levels are lowered by these

    saltless water softeners

    and this is considered as the major health benefit.

  • This water softener consists of other salts or electromagnets that help in softening hard water.
  • The water from this softener is free from sodium and can be used for washing and cleaning as well.
  • This water also protects the plumbing components and pipes from getting spoiled.
  • Usage of these water softeners also help in lowering the environmental pollution.
  • Make sure that you choose a good saltless water softener depending on the personal choices, health benefits and water requirements.

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